Top 10 Hemorrhoid Treatments. Safe, Natural and Effective Ways to Cure Painful Piles

Published: 24th March 2010
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If you have hemorrhoids, you'll know just how excruciatingly painful they are. The burning, itching, swelling and bleeding never seems to stop and as for hemorrhoid treatments? Well the cremes and ointments give relief for a while but as soon as the tube is finished the hemmies raise their very ugly heads again. Take heart. There is a solution-safe, natural and effective hemorrhoid treatments you can make easily in the comfort of your own home. Here are my top 10. Try them for yourself. You'll be amazed at what a difference they will make and you've nothing to lose-except your piles of course.

1.Hemorrhoids are usually caused by straining when you are passing a stool- by being constipated. What you eat is key to changing all that. A fiber rich diet with plenty of veggies, whole grains, nuts and bran based cereals will bulk out stools. Apples, barley, citrus fruits, psyllium and flax seeds will keep stools soft. Drink lots of water and avoid too much tea, coffee and alcohol as these are diuretics. Other foods to steer clear form are over processed foods, salt and spicy foods. Try to take gentle daily exercise like walking. If you eliminate constipation, you will be more than halfway to avoiding piles in the future and lessening the symptoms of the ones you already have.

2.A sitz bath, taken 2-3 times for about 15 minutes a day will sooth painful piles and will keep this delicate area perfectly cleansed. Add some Epson salt to the water.

3. Ice is one of the simplest but one of the most effective hemorrhoid treatments you can use to reduce swelling, inflammation, bleeding and pain. Wrap it in chipped form in a piece of cheese cloth and apply it onto the hemorrhoid itself.

4. Did you that the innocent banana made a very effective hemorrhoid treatment? Boil a ripe banana in a cup of milk. Drink this shake 3 times a day and watch the miraculous effect on your piles begin.

5. If the itch is driving you crazy, try extract of Echinacea on a cotton wool ball. Apply it directly to the area. This will bring you relief from this really irritating symptom and ease the pain too. Echinacea can easily be bought at your local health food store.

6. Cut some garlic and onion to a similar but smallish size and use it as a suppository to strengthen the veins in the anus, reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria. Allow it to remove itself at the next bowel movement and remember not to use it if you have bleeding. Other than that it's the most brilliant of hemorrhoid treatments.

7. Another suppository is made with strips of the real aloe vera plant which can be cut into strips and frozen in a container in your the freezer. This is so soothing and should be used night and morning. If you have inflamed haemorrhoids, wait until the swelling has gone down.

8. Witch Hazel when used as an ingredient in hemorrhoid treatments has an almost magical effect. If you empty a small bottle of Witch Hazel into your toilet tissue box, the tissue will absorb it. This makes a very soothing substitute for coarser toilet tissue and is great for gentle cleansing of this delicate area as well as reducing pain and itching.

9. A paste made of baking soda and water, applied to piles, will reduce the itching of an irritable hemorrhoid.

10. Your health food store has a wealth of herbal hemorrhoid treatments, all of which contain safe ingredients and are easy on the purse. Barberry, Butcher's Brew, Witch Hazel, Horse Chestnut and Slippery Elm are all renowned herbal ingredients for giving relief when piles flare up.

There is no magic pill for curing hemorrhoids. However eating a fiber rich diet and using a few natural hemorrhoid treatments that you find work for you will mean that your hemorrhoids will be a thing of the past. Now how good will that feel?

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